John Feffer is the director of Foreign Policy In Focus. He is
the author of several books and numerous articles as well as a half dozen one-man shows.
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-Deserts vs. Development in China, GlobalPost

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-Coup Fever, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Piketty in Elysium, Foreign Policy In Focus/The Nation

-The Three-War Doctrine, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Breaking the Rules, Hankyoreh

-Obama’s Half-Pivot to Asia, Inter Press Service

-Obama in the Funhouse, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Earth: Game Over, Foreign Policy In Focus

-World Cuts Back on Military Spending, But Not Asia, Inter Press Service

-It’s Our Party, Foreign Policy In Focus

-NATO on Viagra, Foreign Policy In Focus

-What the Crisis in Ukraine Means for Northeast Asia, Hankyoreh

-Asking the Hard Questions about Israel, Foreign Policy in Focus

-Brown Is the New Black, Foreign Policy In Focus

-If I Didn’t Have a Hammer, Foreign Policy In Focus

-My Strategic Impatience, Hankyoreh

-Who Are the People? Foreign Policy In Focus

- The Standoff in Ukraine (and also in Washingon), Inter Press Service

-Ukraine: The Clash of Partnerships, Foreign Policy In Focus/

-Ukraine: Out of the Frying Pan, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The Scandal of Syria, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The Greatest Threat to Europe, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Has Obama Already Forgotten about Asia? Hankyoreh

-Why North Korea Today Is Not East Germany 1989, Asan Institute for Policy Studies

-The Color Wars, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Asia: The Ghosts of 1914, Inter Press Service

-The Surveillance Blitz, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The Empire’s New Asian Clothes, TomDispatch

-Iraq: Revisiting the Pottery Barn Rule, Foreign Policy In Focus/

-NSA and TMI, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The World Without U.S., Foreign Policy In Focus

-Collapsism, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The Jellification of Politics, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Standing Up in Turkey, Hankyoreh

-American Politics Needs More Drama, Huffington Post

-Competitive Suffering, Hankyoreh

-Infantilizing North Korea, Hankyoreh

-The Real North Korea, Korean Quarterly

-Taking It to the Streets (in the GDR), Huffington Post

-The Paradoxes of the Pacific Pivot, Hankyoreh

-The Secret History of Yugoslavia, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The Velvet Divorce, Hankyoreh

-Eating History, Hankyoreh

-When Soft Power Fails, Hankyoreh

-Afghanistan: Avoiding Default, Foreign Policy In Focus

-North Korea’s Nuclear Theater, 38North

-Obama: The Legacy Term? Hankyoreh

-From Pacific Pivot to Green Revolution, Foreign Policy In Focus

-The Islamophobic Fringe, Hankyoreh

-Dumb and Dumber, TomDispatch

-North Korea and Disneyland, Hankyoreh

-South Korea: Stuck in the 20th Century? Inter Press Service

-The Limits of Information in North Korea, Hankyoreh

-Assad and His Droogs, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Guarding the Empire from Four Miles Up, Inter Press Service

-Frenemies, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Spying on the North, Hankyoreh

-America the Serial Killer, Foreign Policy In Focus

-Jeju Island: Paradise with a Dark Side, Washington Post

-Creating the Muslim Manchurian Candidate, TomDispatch

-Beyond the Golden Couples of Pyongyang, 38North

-Running Against Islam, Other Words

-Smart Mouth, Washington Post

-My Backlogged Pages, The New York Times






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